2005 Libera Japan Concert Report

Kuruko   18 Apr 2005

7 April 2005
Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo
18:30 Doors opened
19:00 Show started

8 April 2005
Yokohama Blitz, Yokoham City
19:00 Doors open
19:30 Show starts

Libera Asia Tour 2005 Members

Sam Abouelfaid
Jonathan Barrington
Anthony Chadney
Sam Coates
Ben Crawley
Thomas Cully
Edward Day
Steven Geraghty
Michael Horncastle
Samuel Leggett
Simon Lewis
Zack Lockett
Joshua Madine
Raoul Neumann
Conor O-Donnell
Callum Payne
Joseph Platt
Chris Robson
Joe Sanders-Wilde
Jake Shortall
James Vereycken
Michael Vereycken

Conductor & Keyboard: Robert Prizeman
Keyboard & Violin: Fiona Pears
Recorder & Clarinet: Steven Geraghty

7 April 2005 - Sumida Triphony Hall

Sumida Triphony Hall is a typical big concert hall, accommodating about 1800 people. Many Japanese Libera fans gathered to see the concert on this day.

Concert Program

The program was the same as the South Korea concerts.

Lamentione & Libera (solo: Joe Sanders-Wilde)
MC Callum Payne
Agnus Dei (Recorder: Steven Geraghty)
Jubilate (Solo: Tom Cully)
MC Callum Payne
Ave Verum
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Clarinet: Steven Geraghty)
Lacrymosa (solo: Michael Horncastle, Violin: Fiona Pears)
When a Knight Won His Spurs (solo: Joe Platt, Violin:Fiona Pears)
Sanctus II (Clarinet: Steven Geraghty)

-Intermission (20 minutes)-

Adoramus (solo: Joe Platt)
Mysterium (solo: Tom Cully)
MC Callum Payne
Salva Me
Sacris Solemnis
Stay With Me (solo: Jo Platt)
Lux Aeterna (solo: Joe Sanders-Wilde)
MC Callum Payne
I am the Day (solo: Michael Horncastle, Whispery voice: Jake Shortall)


Agnus Dei

Steven played the recorder during the introduction of this song. This instrument looks like a bamboo flute. Several other songs had this same arrangement with Steven playing he recorder.

When a Knight Won His Spurs

The voice of Joe P sounded quite the same as on the CD.

Salva Me

Tom sang Adam's part and Joe Platt, Joe Sanders-Wilde, Callum Payne, and Conor O'Donnell all sang Liam's part. Conor is a new face who joined Libera just several months ago.

Stay With Me

The really high voice in the intro part was pre-recorded?

Lux Aeterna

A very tender, gentle voice though it's the first time I've heard Joe Sanders-Wilde's voice in solo.


Callum's Japanese is pretty good. He greeted us in Japanese, "Konbanwa. Watashitachi-no concert-ni yokoso!" which means "Good evening. welcome to our concert!". A lot of the audience members did not completely understand his English however (sorry Callum...). This was very regrettable, and we felt that learning English was necessary.

The encore song on this day was Libera. After they returned to the stage to answer the spectator's applause, they sang. However, the applause resounded for a long time even when the lights came on after the encore ended. I was surprised when Libera returned to the stage again after many minutes of applause. They bowed to us again, then left the stage. Japanese fans gave them so much applause.

8 April 2005 - Yokohama Blitz

The day after Libera's Tokyo concert I went to their Yokohama concert. The program was the same as the previous day. This day the performance was in a modern hall, the Blitz, that was newly constructed in Yokohama City just last year. It accommodates about 900 people. The acoustics and the sound equipment, etc. were very good, better than Sumida Triphony Hall. I thought that the Libera members were in better form too. Tom's voice was in good condition. Callum and Michael's voices were strong as well. They sang the middle ranges. The choreography was a little different. Smoke was used for effect during some songs such as Mysterium. The concert finished when they sang the last tune, "I am the Day". The encore started at once, however, and was Libera and Adramus.

Autograph Session

An autograph session was held after the Yokohama Blitz concert. When I came outside, there were already very many fans lined up. Not only young women but also a few elderly persons and men were queuing up for autographs. Before long the Libera members appeared in front of us, and the autograph session started. They were sitting on chairs or standing in the back and enjoying the exchange with the fans. Tom was signing while occasionally singing a little. All members of Libera were very friendly. Because a lot of Japanese fans did not know the autograph session was being held after the show until the day of the show, we were not able to have enough preparation.

If you have a Yahoo account, you may request access to pictures of the autograph session in my Yahoo briefcase. Just send me an email by clicking on my name at the beginning of the article and mention that you saw my report here.

Kuruko Yahoo briefcase


The Japanese concert program was B5 size, all full-color print and 20 pages in all. There was a message from Robert Prizeman and the Libera members were listed with their picture which were later autographed for many of their fans. The program booklet sold for 1500 yen (about 14 USD/7.31 GBP).

Thank you for reading :)